Donors are critical to the success of any non-profit organization and learning institution, so maintaining a consistent and growing donor base is important. With so many organizations seeking donor support, retention is key to success.
Creating real impact is what it takes to retain donors, so, provide measurable results. Show your donor core how they made a difference with their gift. They want to see a positive track record of their giving impact, so connect with them. Share stories of how their donation are providing enhanced services or increased benefits.
It’s incumbent upon non-profit organizations and learning institutions to provide valuable periodic updates of the impact of a donors donation. Knowledge is power, after all.
Take the time to connect with your donors. Pick up the phone, send them an e-mail or better yet,  write a note. Saying thank you and spending time are important ways to show donors you appreciate them and their impact.
Don’t lose donors. Gain more!
Ellie Francisco founded Houston-based francisco+co 10 years ago as a public relations and event consulting and management firm for corporations and nonprofits. She has more than 20 years of nonprofit expertise in fundraising, development, and event solutions, and corporate experience in strategic planning, finance and communications with Fortune 200 companies, including Halliburton and Union Texas Petroleum.