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The Latest Fundraising Trends in Nonprofit Auctions

Considering a charity auction as part of your next fundraising event? Then you’ll want to consider some of the latest trends that can help make your event a hit.
Incorporate Mobile Bidding and Donations
Using social media, making purchases, searching for information, and consuming media are all done on mobile devices. That’s why nonprofits focus so strongly […]

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7 Things Nonprofits Can Do During The Summer

For fundraisers and other nonprofit professionals, the Summer months are often slow. Donors, board members, and other colleagues head out for vacations. It becomes difficult to hold committee meetings and get things accomplished.

So how can you make the most of this summer slow down? Here are 7 things you can do during the quieter summer […]

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When Is A DJ The Best Option VS A Band

One of the best parts of any event is the entertainment. When the after party or reception rolls around, it’s finally time for your guest to channel celebratory energy and let loose on the dance floor.  This naturally begs the question: should you hire a band or a DJ? 

A DJ, or live music, can set […]

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5 VIP Event Tips That Will Wow Your Guest

A VIP event experience is a great way to market your event and create unique and buzzworthy opportunities for your top donors, customers, and prospects.  Creating a VIP event experience is about understanding what your VIP guests are passionate about, what drives them to want to be a part of your nonprofit or organization? Most […]

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How to improve Donation Retention Immediately

If you’re in the fundraiser or nonprofit sector, you’ve likely heard the term “donor retention.” But what is donor retention? And why is it important?

Quite simply, donor retention is a measure of how many donors continue to donate to your organization. Nonprofits with a high donor retention rate have long-term supporters who come back every […]

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5 Benefits of Having A Themed Event

francisco + co. has been a part of enough non-profit and corporate events in our years of operation and we know the importance of having a well-chosen and memorable theme for your event.

A theme directs the preparation of the event and sets the tone for your planning decisions including venue, menu, decorations, marketing, and […]

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What is the purpose of a Host Committee?

Fundraising and community engagement events are crucial drivers for nonprofit organizations. However, these events can be complex with lots of moving parts and plenty of details to coordinate.  That is why your organization should recruit a “host committee.” Leveraging the networks and knowledge of a host committee in addition to your own can save your […]

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Is a Silent Auction Right For My Event?

Silent auctions have been a staple of event fundraising for years, and for a good reason. They’re an excellent way to create audience participation, engagement and have the potential to help organizations raise a lot of money with minimal advance investment.

To help you know if a silent auction is right for your next event, […]

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How to Speed up Event Registration with Electronic Check-in

Ready to ditch traditional event check-in that consists of countless paper list and spreadsheets? Here’s our list of five event check-in applications that make it stress-free and faster for you and your guest.  

Before we share our recommend list of check-in apps, it’s important to understand why electronic registration streamline’s your registration process. When using […]

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How to Share Your nonprofits “Impact” to Spur More Donations

With the start of a new year, many nonprofits are evaluating their year-end campaigns and maybe even making plans for the end of 2019. 

Instead, nonprofits need to focus on communicating with donors all year long, not just as a means to meet year-end goals, but showcasing the impact through the given donations.

It is not […]

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