francisco + co. has been a part of enough non-profit and corporate events in our years of operation and we know the importance of having a well-chosen and memorable theme for your event.

A theme directs the preparation of the event and sets the tone for your planning decisions including venue, menu, decorations, marketing, and entertainment.  

Here are a few benefits when having a themed event.

Chairs Vicki and Bill Lehner, from left, and Diane Englet at the Fantasy Football Draft Night at NRG. (For the Chronicle/Gary Fountain, September 26, 2017)

Themes Create Buzz

A well-selected theme can generate buzz and excitement for your attendees. An event theme doesn’t necessarily have to be something never done before. Themes can relate to anything and everything – popular categories include locations, eras, colors, films, and entertainment.

Event Caterers Can Design Menus Around an Event Theme

An event theme gives your caterer a starting point when designing your event’s menu. For most events, the food is arguably the most important.

Your caterer can get creative about matching your food to a theme, potentially based on geography, appearance, ingredients, or season. An arrangement of exciting and unique food will not only emphasize your theme but also give your guest something to talk about both during and after the event.

Event Planners Can Use Event Themes for Decoration and Design

Planning an event from scratch can be challenging. Event themes give planners information about what type of decor they should invest in. Certain themes lend themselves very well to specific colors, patterns, and decorations. All of this ultimately simplifies the process of planning.

Themes Create Social Sharing

When selecting the decor of your themed event, think about creating social media excitement to help guest to promote social sharing during and after the event. The goal in this instance is to use styling, props, and entertainment to generate maximum impact and get people engaging and interacting with the theme.

Auction chairs DeeDee and Clay Rawlings, from left, and Karen De GeurinPhoto: Gary Fountain, For the Chronicle

Themes Make The Event Memorable

People generally remember the parties that offer maximum entertainment. Special programs, performances, and the utmost fun associated with these themed events make a pleasant memory. Themed events are a treat to attend, as well as plan.

A theme is not only the creative passion of an event. It is also a meaningful reflection and interpretation of your event’s goals and objectives. It functions as the elevator pitch for your event and helps people understand in a very short period of time what your event is trying to accomplish.

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