For fundraisers and other nonprofit professionals, the Summer months are often slow. Donors, board members, and other colleagues head out for vacations. It becomes difficult to hold committee meetings and get things accomplished.

So how can you make the most of this summer slow down? Here are 7 things you can do during the quieter summer months:

Share a behind-the-scenes look with your supporters

Give your supporters and donors a glimpse of what goes on for the upcoming season. Including a behind-the-scenes look at some of your past events or community efforts. This is an effective way to help your supporters understand and appreciate what it takes to keep your nonprofit going.

Pick up the phone!

Call the donors you’ve been meaning to call. Better yet: make visits! It’s hard when you’re slammed with things to do that can only be done at your computer or behind your desk. This is a great opportunity to make time to interact in a more personal way with donors.

Evaluate your systems and workflows

Use the off-season time to re-evaluate your systems and workflows. Did everything work smoothly, or are your systems holding you back? Taking the time to evaluate annually is a valuable exercise, whether you make the conscious decision to keep things as they are or decide to implement a new process.

Prepare for your busy season by front-loading tasks

Front-load as many tasks as possible so they’re off your plate during the busy season. Think of all the things you attend to in-season, and ask yourself which of those could be dealt with at a different time of year.

Clean up your database.

Take advantage of the time when the phone doesn’t ring to get your database updated and cleaned-up, ready to go for your end-of-year appeal. The success of your end of year appeal depends on your database being up-to-date.

Use your slow time to build up your relationships with your donors

If you’re out of sight you’re probably out of mind. Make sure you communicate with your donors at least a few times during the off-season. The quiet period also opens up opportunities to discuss additional ways donors can get involved and support the organization.

The quiet of the summer season is good for nonprofit professionals. Even so, you’ll want to make good use of this time to set yourself up for success in the fall.