Ready to ditch traditional event check-in that consists of countless paper list and spreadsheets? Here’s our list of five event check-in applications that make it stress-free and faster for you and your guest.  

Before we share our recommend list of check-in apps, it’s important to understand why electronic registration streamline’s your registration process. When using electronic event check-in you can expect to:

  1. Automate your registration, payment and check-­in process for walk­-in attendees: While some of your registered guests might have incorrect spellings of names or emails, you may also have unexpected attendees. Whether they never sent in their RSVP, missed your RSVP deadline, or brought along a plus one, it’s important to collect all information and payment from your guest. Pro tip: You should decide who has the authority to allow additional guests into the event, and what information to collect from the guest.
  2. Reduce event lines and staffing requirements: The traditional paper list is time-consuming, as your staff searches the list and flips through pages of names. Using an electronic app can help you streamline this process and easily search for the guest by tying in their name. The faster you move guests through the line, the happier they will be.
  3. Track all your attendee activity: online, in real­-time.

Here’s our list of five event check-in applications you can use for your next event:

1.Certain Arrive

Certain Arrive allows you to easily check-in event attendees 20X faster, even those guests that aren’t pre-registered.

This tool gives users easy to use iPad/iPhone application for simple guest registration, check-in, and management at events. Set-up “VIP notifications” so that you’re immediately alerted when a guest of honor arrives at your meeting. With live customer support at hand, say goodbye to any day-of event panic you’re used to!

2. Social Tables Check-in

Check-in by Social Tables is the fastest event check-in app on the market and now it comes with the free edition of Social Tables.

This cloud-based app is a trusted event check-in source for well-known clients such as Forbes, Dow Jones, and Blizzard Entertainment. Forget the days of onsite training, the Social Tables Check-in app provides all users with unrivaled ease of use, even when picking it up for the first time.

3. Eventbrite Organizer:

Checking in attendees is quick and easy with our Eventbrite Organizer.  

Eventbrite Organizer  app allows you to Watch ticket sales live on your phone, control of your ticket sales with access to real-time data, and give your guests a flawless entry experience

Plus, stay up to speed with live attendance tracking, and so much more.

4. Boomset

A mobile event management platform that helps event planners when it is “go-time”, Boomset is a verified event check-in resource that is “where the guest experience begins”. No one wants that look of attendees lining up as far as the eye can see. Boomset helps to keep things moving.

5. Zkipster

ZSKIPTER first bespoke guest list software, serving both event planners and PR professionals alike. With an Event Check-in process that is fast, reliable, and secure this app helps to eliminate lines at the door every day for thousands of event planners around the world.

There you have it. Five check-in apps that can help streamline your registration process.

Remember, the first interactions with the event environment the check-in process. That’s why it’s important to provide a stress-free experience for your attendees, without long waiting lines or confusing identification procedures.