There’s really not a bad seat at NRG Stadium when the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show opens, but enjoying the rodeo from a suite, well, that’s truly sweet experience. Being aware and thorough when buying a buying a suite for an event or concert will save you hassle and headache, leaving nothing but great memories.

When buying a suite from a company or individual selling, make sure to read the fine print so you clearly understand what is included in the price. Items such as food and drinks are especially important to consider.

Suite 1

The menu may only include snacks instead of a buffet, or you may be able to choose from a very limited selection. Alcohol falls under the same umbrella. Ask what alcohol and brands are included? If you’re asked to upgrade to a premium brand, do they give you a credit? Asking questions is a must.

Buying a suite is all about fun, but there’s nothing fun about receiving your bill and finding unauthorized charges. Under no circumstances should you ever give over you credit card.

Require the staff and suite attendant to check with you and obtain your credit card from you before re-ordering. Your approval is non-negotiable. Check the entire inventory when you get to the suite and take photos to document before you get the party started. Recently someone was billed for multiple reorders by a suite attendant who claimed they had been told to re-order as they deemed necessary.  This can lead to a large bill without your input.

Go ahead and enjoy the suite life. Just make sure you take these steps to ensure a secure experience.

Suite 2