As with all things, timing is key. If there is limited time between a proposed kickoff event and the fundraiser, it’s smarter to pull back and throw all your efforts into the event itself. A well-timed kickoff event should be scheduled several months in advance of the event.

If your organization does have the time to plan and create a memorable party, the dividends can be beneficial to the organization a whole. Kickoff events are excellent vehicles in which to attract new potential donors as well as media coverage. They are also opportunities to announce the goals of the event and the financial accomplishments or shortfalls.

Keeping the bottom line in clear view is another aspect of planning kickoff events. A fabulous private home is always a top location choice for a kickoff, but a restaurant or a store are also good options.


Ellie Francisco founded Houston-based francisco+co 10 years ago as a public relations and event consulting and management firm for corporations and nonprofits. She has more than 20 years of nonprofit expertise in fundraising, development, and event solutions, and corporate experience in strategic planning, finance and communications with Fortune 200 companies, including Halliburton and Union Texas Petroleum.